Udaipur Tourist Attractions

Situated on National Highway No.8 outside the city is a 46 feet high fountain is one of the latest attraction of Udaipur . it was constructed by city Development Board investing Rs. 8 lakhs of rupees. This fountain is one of the special fountain of the country. This fountain is operated in the evening between 7 to 8 PM on Saturdays & Sundays. You can enjoy the boating in the tank during this time in multicoloured light. Very important persons are received and welcomed here, before entering in the Udaipur city.

Literally meaning a "Craftsmen's Village" is a living ethnographic museum depicting the enormous diversities in craft, art & culture between various Indian states, but the exquisite terracotta work mainly in dark red and dark brown sand material along with the wooden carvings are the forte of this ethnic village . Shilpgram festival of Rajasthan comprises 26 huts set in 70 acres of natural surroundings at the foot of the Aravali Hills of Rajasthan in India. A colorful craft festival of Rajasthan during winter seasons to the whole set up induces vitality and zeal.

This is a very congenial old building built right on the waterfront of Lake Pichola at Gangori Ghat. Amir Chand Badwa, the Prime Minister of Mewar built it in the eighteenth century. The palace has over hundred rooms and some very interesting display of costumes and modern art. The glass and mirror in the interiors of the Haveli delicate work and well preserved too. It also preserves a fine example of Mewar Painting on the walls of Queen's Chamber. The two peacocks made from small pieces of colored glasses are fine examples of glasswork.

Rajiv Gandhi Park is a beautiful park located at Rani Road on Lake Fatehsagar. A popular local attraction, the view from the park of the lake and the Monsoon Palace is spectacular and gives you immense pleasure and peace. Children also enjoy coming here as it has spacious gardens for children to play around. It also has some fun slides for kids. The design of garden is such that most part can be seen from distant place. It was constructed in the remembrance of the late Prime Minister of India Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, whose statue is also located within the park.

Assignable to early eleventh century ad this twin vaishnava temple popularly known as sasbahu are more evolved style prone to profuseornamentation entered through a detached makara – torna the larger temple me is surrounded by the ten subsidiary shrines while the smaller one is a panchamyatana each shrine has a paunchratha sanctum a Avestibule,Amandapa with later I transfers and porch enclosed by a balustrade the exteriors is plane save for seated icons on the principal offsets of bar ma , Siva and Vishnu surrounded respectively by ram balram and parashuram the transfers of mandap the exterior as well as the interior of the porch the pillars ceilings, architraves and the doorways however, are lavishly carved with relief sculptures and decorative designs. Makara-torana inside the mandap of the larger temple is a typical feature of medial temple of western in Indian style.

Visit Eklingji, a little village with a number of ancient temples situated 22 kilometers away from Udaipur, and discover the Siva Temple that was built in 734. The walled complex includes an elaborately pillared hall under a large pyramidal roof and features a four faced Siva image of black marble. It has an ornate ‘mandap’ or pillared hall, under the canopy of a huge pyramidical roof composed of hundreds of knots.